Across the Rhine

Simulation 1995 Windows Dosbox Microprose World Wars Strategic scope Tank sim Strategy

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Strategy and simulation mix

The game is a mix of strategy and simulation with the setup of the World War 2. The only thing that you will be controlling in the game is a unit of tanks which will take part in different battlefield scenarios and missions to take down the enemy. Though the facts in the game has been based on the historical scenarios of the World War 2, but some of the situations are purely hypothetical and are no way close to reality. Coming towards the gameplay here, you will be shown with many windows on your screen which will give you the full command and control of your tanks, the maps, the tactical positions and the enemy movements. Not only are you required to be strategic with your decisions in the game but also quick because everything will be happening in real time. The game design has been something which has been complained about by some expert gamers but the graphics are very appealing. This old simulation did not manage to make a good impact in the market but has a good chunk of events and a good variety for gamers. The controls and the A1 in the game are also good enough for me and would recommend it. The other game to play is Dogs of War because it is really a lot of fun.

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