SEGA Classics Series 2

Arcade 2006 Windows SEGA Epic Compilation Action Adventure

Sega is back!

The first collection in this series, Genesis Classics Series 1, was a fine set of cracking old-school Sega games which really brought back fond memories. This second pack lives up to the standards of the first one by providing a good set of well-known titles plus some slightly more obscure ones, but whatever your tastes, you're sure to find something nice here. You've got ten games in total, with the first being Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle. This is splendid little platform romp (once you get past the bizarre first level that is) which packs in a lot of fun. Next you've got Bonanza Bros., a madcap little game that might be just a tad weird for many, while Columns is the classic color-shifting puzzle game. Ecco Jr. is the prequel to the superb Ecco and Eternal Champions is a solid one-on-one fighting game. Fatal Labyrinth is a bit of a duffer, a lackluster rogue-like, and Galaxy Force is a dodgy flying shooter title. The final three games improve things a bit, with Kid Chameleon, an unusual platformer, Super Thunder Blade, a cracking shooter which is what Sega does best, and Ristar, probably the best game here, another wonderfully original and playable platformer. There are undoubtedly a few duffers here but most of the games are at least playable, if only for a while. The standout titles are Ristar, Ecco Jr. and Eternal Champions, but most of the titles at least display that classic nineties look and feel, and are worth playing just for this. Definitely a good pack for retroheads.

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