Boot Camp

Arcade 1987 Dos Konami Epic Compilation Military

Innovative and fun sporting sim

Also known as Combat School, this is a classic button mashing, joystick waggling arcade game from Konami that offers a neat twist on the sporting genre. While undeniably dated and not quite up to the standards of California Games or Konami's own Track and Field, with which its shares many similarities, it remains a fun and innovative slice of history that is well worth seeking out. As the name suggests, Boot Camp gives players the chance to experience life in the military without leaving the comfort of their home, and requires them to complete a series of increasingly difficult training exercises. These include such delights as shooting ranges, Iron Man races, obstacle courses and hand to hand combat. Complete them all to the satisfaction of your instructor and you might just graduate and get the honour of being sent into the field, where you will face one final challenge: to rescue the President from heavily armed terrorists. The range of events is wide enough to maintain interest for a while, and there usually a few surprises on each level to keep players on their toes. Graphics and sound too are simple but quite varied and add much to the appeal, while the two player option and tight controls are perhaps the game's best features. Two player mode is particularly enjoyable and generates a real sense of competition that is tough to beat. Boot Camp's appeal is likely to wear off relatively quickly, but while the novelty remains, it is a fun and unusual piece of sporting sim history.

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