Ecco the Dolphin

Arcade 1992 Sega SEGA Side scrolling Hop and bop Action Adventure

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Stunning underwater adventure

Ecco is one of Sega's classic creations, an underwater hero that stands as something unique in videogaming history. The game itself is a bold and ambitious adventure that takes players on an epic journey through the depths of the oceans, as they control the titular Ecco through a surprisingly complex and compelling narrative. Despite the game's visual stylings and apparent targeting of younger players, it is actually highly difficult and provides even expert players with a stiff challenge, but it is never less than engaging. The storyline is slightly bizarre and involves Ecco embarking on a quest to discover why his fellow dolphins have mysteriously disappeared. His journey takes him to the far north and a creature named the Asterite who can help Ecco save his friends but who requires him to travel back in time by using a machine built by the ancient Atlanteans. Ecco eventually discovers an alien race known as the Vortex are responsible for the loss of his pod and he must do battle with their Queen if he is to be reunited with his friends. While somewhat bizarre, Ecco really is something of a joy. The gameplay sees players exploring the oceans, combating hostile enemies and using his echolocation and communication skills to interact with the other inhabitants of the oceans, while remembering to return to the surface to replenish his oxygen. Ecco is quite charming, with beautiful, fluid graphics that capture the grace of the ocean and with gameplay that is rarely less than captivating. If you are looking for something different, then Ecco is the perfect game for you. The sequel, Ecco: The Tides of Time is also more than worthy of investigation.

A beautiful underwater game

Ecco the Dolphin is a beautiful action adventure game and first in a series of five beautiful games (the second being Ecco: The Tides of Time that will make you feel amazed that a game can be designed and look so great and spectacular. You are Ecco, the only dolphin in the sea world that can save Asterite, a very important being in your life and your friend and mentor. You can do everything a dolphin can do - jump in the sea, catch fish, swim underwater and explore the vast and beautiful underwater world without any limitations, surface for breath, solve puzzles and generally have a good time. All the 25 levels are rendered in beautiful graphics and animation, and the movement is virtually unlimited, since you can move anywhere you please and do anything you want. Since dolphins are such charming and beautiful creatures, I highly suggest you show the game to your kids if you have any, they will fall in love with the sea worlds most beautiful and intelligent animal and won't move from the game for a minute. Highly recommended!

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