Sesame Street: Get Set To Learn

Puzzle 1996 Windows Electronic Arts Cartoon Humorous

Muppets are back

The classic kids TV show Sesame Street has crossed over into the gaming world on a number of occasions, with titles like Let's Make a Word! and Letter-Go-Round providing plenty of fun learning for young gamers. This one continues in the same generally high standard as its compatriots and is well worth a look if you have someone who meets its target audience in the house. Get Set to Learn is specifically aimed at kids of three to six years old and aims to introduce them to the wonders of arithmetic, counting and all the other joys of numbers. There are five different activities to try your hand at here, each of which is presented by one of the famous muppets from the TV show, including Big Bird, The Count, and Cookie Monster. The activities themselves are quite varied and provide some very different experiences and together do a good job of helping along your child's learning. Everything is presented in the expected colorful fashion, with lots of bright, vibrant images which capture the spirit of the show well. When considered in relation to its target market, this is a top class product. Everything looks and sounds properly authentic, and for anyone who's a fan of the show, this is a right little treat. The games too are well done, with a good mix of learning and fun so that players won't realize they're actually practicing their maths skills until it's too late. There are some minor performance issues which were included to ensure the game ran smoothly on all systems back in the day but apart from this, Get Set to Learn is good stuff.

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