Sesame Street: Lets Make a Word!

Puzzle 1995 Windows Electronic Arts Humorous Game show

A reading based edutainment

Here's a thought developers, I get that tying your new game or edutainment bundle to a known and loved TV series has its intriguing points, but let's not kid ourselves: if the game itself is not enticing enough, if it is just a mass of old and clunky code that is barely functional, no amount of cool TV characters will save it. Surely, some will make the mistake of buying it and trying it, but then again, when it will be noticed that it doesn't work, that it is just a half assed attempt to produce another so so edutainment, well, your entire company will suffer. Because, this is the kind of game that parents will buy for their children, to aid them with their learning to read, maybe after having experienced the much better Elmo's Reading Basics, which was definitely a better bundle, but while children might play Sesame Street: Lets Make a Word! Just for the characters, the lack of actual educational value and the overall frustrating design will ultimately rule your future products out of the question. So, yeah, it's not the best reading proficiency enhancer out there, colorful and cheerful as it may be, but it just gets the basics wrong

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