Sexy Beach 2

Adult 2003 Windows Illusion Interactive

Collection of sexy minigames on the beach

This is the kind of collection of minigames suite, that offers you many different things, though all of them rather minimalist in the way they're developed, and easy to control. So, imagine a host of classic beach games and then paint a certain mature element on top of them. Most of the protagonists are young girls, with that hentai feel to them. The Japanese theme doesn't look bad at all, but where the game fails is at actually creating enough interactive moments to keep you interested. So, after you've sampled a few of the minigames and have had your fill of nicely drawn 3D modeled girls in all sort of sexy poses, you will have seen it all. Yep, it's a bit of a voyeur's type of game, but, even this niche might do better with regard to interactivity. So, all things considered, if you're looking for a more interactive suite, mature themed or not, Sexy Beach 2 will not cut it. Too bad, because the game looks quite nice and is sharp, but as I mentioned above, it fails to keep you engaged for a longer period.

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