A-GA: Gekidou no Wakusei

Adult 2004 Windows Illusion Interactive

Porn, pure and simple

Oh dear. Although there might have been a good game hiding in here somewhere, any chance of anyone taking it seriously were ruined when you realize it's basically just one big piece of soft porn aimed at sad individuals who live under rocks and have no concept of the real world. This is a science fiction adventure that mixes some brief bits of action gameplay with rather more extensive ones which basically consist of young ladies getting up to some rather explicit stuff (usually with other ladies). The story finds players getting caught up in tale of interplanetary warfare, where one planet is invaded by another for its resources, with the capital city falling to the bad guys. A couple of years later, a squad of three ladies who can't afford many clothes are sent in to claim back the lost city, thus setting in play a story which is not going down in sci-fi history. The gameplay is pretty minimal, with the player only really required to take part in a few brief action sequences where you fight bad guys with your lightsaber-style weapon, and take on bosses with a gun. Other than this, the game mostly consists of extended cut scenes where you get to see the girls in various states of undress and performing some very explicit acts with the characters they meet along the way. This really is a dire experience that will only appeal to the emotionally stunted. The gameplay is practically non-existent and requires little in the way of skill, while the cut scenes are just pure porn without any reason for being. Even Riana Rouge is better than this dross.

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