Erotica Island

Adult 2001 Windows CDV Interactive

Worst adventure ever?

If the saucy thrills of Leisure Suit Larry weren't quite enough for you, then you might be tempted to check out Erotica Island, a similar point-and-click style adventure with a distinctly adult theme. However, to do so would be something of a mistake, as this poorly conceived and executed game is a disaster from start to finish. The story finds millionaire playboy Reggie Rich crashlanding on a desert island, miles away from his beloved yacht with all his cash. His quest now becomes to escape the island but to do so, he's going to have to solve a number of puzzles which stand between him and freedom. In gameplay terms, this is pretty a standard point-and-click adventure, like Monkey Island or Discworld, where you explore various locations, chat with NPCs and collect items to solve the inventory-based puzzles. What sets this apart from most games of the genre is its adult nature, with Rich getting involved in all sorts of situations that would make even Larry blush, so if you are easily offended, this is definitely not for you. However, even if you are broad minded, you're still better off looking elsewhere. Even without the potentially offensive nature of the game, what's on offer here is decidedly below-par stuff. The visuals are just plain ugly, with crude, awkward characters that defy belief, although this could be forgiven if the gameplay were halfway decent. Unfortunately, Erotica Island fails here too, with poorly thought out puzzles and repellent characters that are instant turnoff. Really, this has little appeal to anyone but twelve year old boys and even they are likely to find it bad. Avoid.

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