Shellshock: Nam '67

Action 2004 Windows Eidos Military Military FPS

It brings a particular impact to the players on the war front

Shellshock: Nam '67 is 2004 action game that takes the military combat maniacs back in the years of the Vietnam war. It seems like this event inspired many videogame developers, because another game released in the same year is coming into competition. But let's focus on Shellshock, which is more than a simple war game. You play as a new recruit, facing the hard life on battlefield, where enemies are everywhere. Even if you are surrounded and helped by your fellow soldiers, it seems like nothing can beat your opponents completely. So, the missions are pretty difficult and the enemies will do whatever it takes to survive your bullets and attacks. Some environmental elements that you will encounter at every step like big stones, trees, and sheer slopes will make the aiming harder. The weaponry is high quality and the good thing is that most of the guns are Russian. So, your soldier won't be worried about the equipment. You can collect your enemies guns and various items useful for some purchases, including services and visits to some vietnamese ladies. You can also take photos of them, for keeping good and fun memories alive. The graphics are not breathtaking, but the sounds are very well done, bringing a particular impact to the players on the war front.

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