Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945

Action 2005 Windows Rebellion Military War Military FPS Shooter Historical

Snipe this!

The first in a decent series of action/strategy games that focuses on historical sniping missions during WWII, this is actually a pretty solid title which makes a pleasant change from the classic Call of Duty and Medal of Honor shooters. Given the title, you can expect to be playing a very different game from other FPSs and there's an obvious focus on stealth and long-distance killing, but it's here that this one makes up a lot of points. You take the role of an agent working for the US at the tail end of the war and it's your job to stop Russian agents from getting their hands on German nuclear research. The story unfolds over 28 missions, and is largely based in and around Berlin, with the gameplay taking on something of a strategic bent, as instead of simply running around blowing merry hell out of everyone, you'll need to carefully consider tactical positions and take out your enemies from afar. You'll need to be stealthy and consider things like wind direction and ambient noise to mask your shots and it's elements like these which help make the game stand out a bit. As a bit of change from your average military shooter, this is certainly worth a look. The narrative is quite interesting, and brought to life well with some evocative visuals that bring home the horrors of war. The action isn't exciting in the same way as other games, but there's an element of tension often missed in these other shooters and for those who love to take time and pride with their kills, this is the perfect outlet. There are some minor issues with the game, but on the whole, this makes for a breath of fresh air.

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