Call of Duty 2

Action 2005 Windows 1C Company Military War Military FPS Shooter action

My favorite action game till date

If you are looking out to shoot someone right in the head, you want to be in competition with the best shooters of different nations to become the best out of them. Want to get a grip or conquer areas on the maps through your force or strategy. This game has it all as it is a great full of action game which you can even play with your mates as your partners in helping you take over. The game has different modes in which the first one is Campaign where you will have a single player game. The other mode is the guerilla mode which is really a bloody action war with the entire world poking in. If you consider that the maps are getting boring to your liking, you can always devise your own ones with the game editor and can built custom scenarios. The shooting experience in this game has been facilitating by some great controls and the graphics to support it are amazing with reference to the time of its release. The sharp shooting action has also been spotted by a great thrilling music which is very realistic and professional. The game serves a good successor to the original version Call of Duty.

Want to Cap a Few?

Are you aching to shot someone in the head? Are you wanting to get together with others to be top shooter? Want to conquer a map with pure force or strategy? You will love "Call of Duty 2". You are able to play as different nations and take the game play to the next level. Multi-player mode is amazing and you can really plan your take over with your team mates. There are different game plays with this game. -Campaign: Campaign is single player mode with is modeled after Normandy breakout. This is where the British, Canadian, Polish, American, and French Resistance forces are forced to go to the village of Chambois, France. -Multiplayer: You will be able to play a grueling, bloody game with people all over the world and have a friendly game of "Ha! I win!"If you get tired of those maps that come with the game, you are able to download different maps to take your shooting to. You are even able to custom make a map. Heres and idea... Make a map consisting of the blueprints of your own home! All around, this game is amazing and very addictive.

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