Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Adventure 1991 Dos ICOM Simulations Crime investigation Role playing

A thrilling crime investigation adevnture

It is a classic adventure game where you have a great simulation of detective role playing. Here in this game, you will play as Sherlock Homes who is considered as one of the greatest detectives of his times. Many movies have also been made on this character and this game has included a lot of those elements in the gameplay. You will be given three different cases to solve and you also have the support of some friends on the way who have their specific skills. The gameplay elements involve the typical elements or what the detectives does. So you will explore different locations in London, interact with different persons and suspects and gather all the ideas and facts on the way to compile them for solving the cases. In the end you will be giving out all the facts and the details to the judge who will then decide whether the details of the investigation are correct or not. Every case has its distinct elements and also involves some great action sequences. The graphics are wonderful and the user interface is typically simple but easy to understand and interpret. It is gameplay which you will love and cherish. The series started with the first installment Sherlock Holmes and it has been all glory since then.

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