Sherlock Holmes

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Imagic Crime investigation Puzzle based

Help ageing Holmes restore his reputation!

Released in 92, this game is a bit late at the table of the text adventure games, but, nevertheless, better late than mediocre! Sherlock Holmes is delivered to you via the classic text adventure mode, yes, text snippets, but, also through aiding pictures that may be a blessing for those that want a bit more graphical bits in their games. The game is however fully story driven. Holmes, who in this game is rather old (though as witty as ever!) needs to take the investigator hat out of the closet because he finds himself accused of a murder. But, you won't be controlling Holmes, instead you'll be embodying his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson. The game will envelop you with a mystery story that is pretty deep, and here and there will ask you to solve puzzles, something that won't be very hard to do, especially if you pay attention to details and if you can piece things together. I love how the game creates tension and leads you on different trails, and, like a good mystery game will keep you invested in it even when you're not playing. That is because the writing is so proper good, even if the actual interactions might not satisfy a hardcore adventure lover. So, give it a try, and if you find it too old and too demanding, maybe Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis a much later and in many ways a modern point and click adventure. Have it your way, detective!

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