Tex Murphy 2 - Martian Memorandum

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Access Software Mystery Crime investigation Thriller

Solve a kidnapping.. for starters

This fantastic and ingenious game is actually a sequel to the mystery game called Mean Streets, involving Tex Murphy, the great detective, who is capable of solving any case. What truly makes this game remarkable is the fantastic writing and depth of characters. The plot starts out very simple, with you given a task to solve a kidnapping, but it soon gets a lot more dimensions, and will eventually even take you into outer space and other planets.. The gameplay is all point and click, no confusing interfaces, no menus and inventories, and very simple to the player. The puzzles are interesting but not too challenging, just hard enough so you have to try a bit harder without breaking your brain. The character personalization is fantastic and you will feel like you've known them all after you've finished. The mystery level is very high and you won't know what's waiting for you until the very end.. The graphics are very nice and colorful, pretty detail, but still within the limits of that time in the gaming history. If you like mystery games like The Clue!, you'll love this game. Highly recommended!

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