Sid Meier's Railroads!

Simulation 2006 Windows 2K Games Historical City simulation Trains Strategy Managerial

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Railroads! is a sort of spiritual successor to the classic Railroad Tycoon 3 and if you have any interest in trains and strategy games based around them, this needs to be in your collection. It combines heaps of detail with sandbox-style gameplay to create a satisfying and enthralling experience that will keep you hooked for hours. The essential concept is similar to earlier iterations in the series, giving you the chance to build up an extensive network of rail lines between cities so that you can supply their every need, from getting resources where they need to be, to shutting around workforces from the country to the bustling metropolis. You can open up side businesses, buying up power plants and other industries to boost your income, while new trains and resources become available as you progress, offering up even more choice. There are historical scenarios to play through, set in the US, England, Germany and elsewhere, while the whole thing now plays out in full 3D, bringing your train dreams to glorious life. As far as train sims go, this is certainly one of the better ones out there as it offers just about everything the average loco fan could want. There's a good range of trains and resources to play around with while the historical scenarios bring a nice touch of nostalgia to proceedings, and there's a general sense of depth which adds much to the appeal. The visuals are attractive, with good use of color and lots of nice detail, while the interface is simple and intuitive, making this a great all-round package.

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