Dangerous Waters

Simulation 2005 Windows Akella Flight Shooter Historical Strategy

Highly playable modern era naval sim, mostly combat based

Dangerous Waters focuses mostly on the role of modern combat ships in the 21st century theaters of war. However, it is not solely about boats, it also includes submarines and planes and thus, it creates plausible modern day combat scenarios. The game offers you fleets from USA, Russia, and China, as well as unnamed rebel factions that are added in the mix. The game also includes a more ample strategic engine that combines political options (you can form alliances, you can declare war, declare truces, etc.) The game takes place in a simulated environment in 3D, very well executed, with carefully modeled ships, planes and submersibles, so, all in all, this is a really well put together game, really great for those that want something resembling a wargame, but want to live in that world, rather than see it represented through hexes. All in all, this is an ambitious, well executed strategy game, includes multiplayer, an engaging campaign mode and an editor, if you want to design your own missions. Definitely worth playing, for strategists of all sorts and a must for lovers of modern day naval warfare. An alternative to this one would have to comprise 2 games: a great combat flight sim, say B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th and a powerful submersible simulator, one of them Silent Hunter games released in the same period.

Warfare game type

This game is a naval warfare simulation game, meaning that you have to realistically take control of different sea vehicles such as destroyers or submarines, guiding them to engage other enemy sea or even air vehicles. The gameplay is complicated to explain. It's one of those where you need to play it in order to understand it. However, the concept is to pay attention to your ships, engage and destroy the other enemy ships that you might find on the minimap. The might look like an RTS game, but in reality it's not. One useless feature included in the game is that you can follow the missile that your ship has launched. The graphics and sound effect are quite good, but the lack of music makes the game somehow boring. It does not reach the same good gameplay as Silent Hunter II that it's better similar game to Dangerous Waters.

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