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Cute and clever in equal measure

Skweek is something of an underrated classic, a jolly slice of colourful puzzling fun that has vanished pretty much into obscurity but which is actually more than worth digging out when you're in the mood for cuteness rather than action. The basic concept behind the game is simple enough and sees an adorable little furball exploring a series of maze-like levels, colouring in all the blocks as it goes while avoiding the various nasties that wander around at random. The furball is armed with a simple weapon with which to disptach these enemies but this is pretty non-violent stuff on the whole and is more concerned with mild puzzling action. This aspect is introduced with the inclusion of the arrows which only allow movement in the specified direction while the addition of bombs to blow apart blockades also adds in a little extra spice. Skweek is nothing spectacular but it is undeniably charming, provides a lot of challenge in its 99 levels and has that elusive one-more-go quality which keeps you coming back for more. The visuals are appealing, with lovely colourful sprites that pack a lot of personality, the theme tune is appropriately chirpy and acts as a constant reminder that none of this is to be taken too seriously while the levels themselves are well designed, with some real head-scratchers later on. Older gamers looking for complexity and depth might find only brief amusement here but younger ones or fans of the likes of arcade classic Pacman or cute and furry puzzlers like Lemmings should find some fun here.

A simple top down puzzler

This game is a weird little puzzler experiment in which your ability to pay attention to the symbols drawn on the tiles of which most of the levels are made of is tested, along with your timing and your overall attention to detail. If you didn't pay attention to the inscriptions on many of the tiles of which the game is mostly made of, you would think that this is nothing more than a game in which your only concern are the sporadic enemies. That wouldn't be much fun now, would it? Nope, to add another layer to an otherwise bland game, the developers came out with the idea that not only the player character blob has to paint all the tiles by crossing them, but also to pay attention that the direction of the crossing is done according to directional symbols scattered throughout the level. All of these supplementary additions however fail to make this game any more interesting, and ultimately it just feels like a game idea in the testing, while failing quite utterly to produce a convincing and more playable result. I don't recommend this game.

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