Puzzle 1988 Dos David B. Howorth Tetris variant Reflex oriented

Tetris clone with a clean colorful set of tetrominoes

I love discovering new Tetris games out there. I played the original Tetris that was bundled with the Gameboy console, I played 2 versions of the NES Tetris (the one bundled together in the world tournament cart was my less favorite one!) and I played Tetris on at least one of my mobile phones. At any rate, rather than just bore you with a recollection of the many platforms I've experienced Tetris on, I'll just say that each one had something of its own, even if the differences were so minor, but you could still tell. The graphics, sure, are mostly the ones to paint a different picture, but there are also slight, apparently insignificant coding differences that makes each version just a hint different. So, I it sort of makes for an interesting exploration to notice these differences, especially in a game so solid and yet so simple. So, what is Nyet doing differently? Well, it is a game that simplifies the environment and the tetrominoes by not adding no other unneeded colors or textures. The background can vary, the color of the tetrominoes can vary but they are all full color blocks, and that can be the best for a player that just wants to be spared of any superfluous elements that just tire you, especially if you want to play for a very long time. And, given that the game is as responsive as you'd wish it to be, Nyet is one of the better Tetris games for the DOS platform, and I must admit it, I found it very appealing. So, for your DosBox collection, you might want to add this one as well.

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