Press Your Luck

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Pedersen Systems (PSI) Word or trivia Reflex oriented

Its a good game for this genre

This puzzle game is based on a TV show and has a plot that a champion will be made to compete against two players and will only win through a fair bit of knowledge and a bit of luck as well. Fours rounds have been incorporated in the game in which the first round and the third rounds can be said to be trivia sessions. Answering the question will enable you to get spins and no spins will be given if you fail to answer. 3 spins are given for each answer and the spins will increase your chances and will enable you to play at the Press Your Luck Game board. The board has about 18 different positions and each square in it has about 3 cash values, whammy, and prizes. The value of this square will change after every second and you will stop the spinning board through slamming at the plunger. You will get what the board stops on and that is the luck element in the game. If you unfortunately hit whammy, you would be losing all that you had. There is a lot more to the plot or the gameplay but I would like you to experience the rest because the game is also good in terms of the graphics and the sounds. Overall the game can be rated as an above average one. Crossword which is also a puzzle game also has the same amount of fun and thrill.

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