Star Wars - DroidWorks

Action 1998 Windows Lucas Space combat Robots

For the Star Wars fans, that want something new

Star Wars - DroidWorks is a high potential space combat and educational game, for those that are passionate about physics, simple machines or for those that want to learn. You will have to build your own Star Wars droids, after you select their various parts for the assemblage. Then, you will control and pilot them through many different missions that take place in a 3D environment. A lot of games have been developed by Lucas Arts, that focus on the Jedi Masters, or the Star Wars universe. DroidWorks is more technological, than the ones released before it, being inspired by some locations found in the Star Wars series. You play as a Rebel secret agent, that infiltrate into the Alliance, with the main purpose to destroy it. The droid construction kit is determined by the missions you are meant to solve. Before each mission, you will watch a briefing that will inform you about how your droids should look like or contain. You will apply mechanical strategies for the future success of your actions. I admit I have enjoyed a lot the time spent at the droid factory, building them and putting the robots through a series of tests and maneuvers, before starting infiltrating. I also found the missions quite appealing and interesting, that is why I definitely recommend this game to the SW fans, that want to experience something new.

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