Star Wars: Rebellion

Strategy 1998 Windows LucasArts Galactic War Space combat Real time Sci fi

The Force is strong with this one

This is fortunately one of the better Star Wars games out there, more on the level of quality of X-Wing rather than The Phantom Menace, and if you're looking for a bit of Master of Orion-style 4X action, then this makes for a solid bet. The game places you in control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire and gives you one simple goal: take over the galaxy. How you do this is pretty much up to you, and if you want to use diplomacy and cunning, then go for it, but if you prepare crushing your enemies on the field of battle, then by all means give it a whirl. There are several portions to the game, with an extensive resource management section where you take care of your fleet, sort out your manufacturing needs and allocate missions, and an innovative battle system where you control all aspects of your all-conquering forces and lead them to victory. There are huge amounts of options in all elements of the game, with many units to try out, different approaches on the battlefield and various diplomatic choices, while the presence of permadeath hangs over everything, so you'd better be careful with the characters you send out on missions. For Star Wars fans, this is pretty much a no-brainer. It nails the look and feel of the much-loved universe, and really makes you feel like you're playing a major part in shaping the galaxy. The visuals might be a little dated but still feel like the movies you know and love, while there's so much to do, and with so much depth, that the game will keep you going for ages. A must-play for Star Wars loving strategy fans.

The 4X of Star Wars will twist your brain still

Rebellion was the first Star Wars game to attempt the 4x recipe: star fleet commerce, waging of war, exploration and final conquest. But, having paid close attention to Elite, Master of Orion, to Secret Operations and so many others, the game manages a very good rendition of what most fans would expect from such a game. As you would expect there will be a lot of real time combat but also portions that are handled turn by turn. You will be able to control the entire range of processes that a 4X game brings forth: the production facilities, the troops and star-ships, your fleet deployment and so on.Basically, you're going to be a Star Wars military administrator and have your decisions send ripples of repercussions on the universe itself, an expanded version of the classic Star wars galaxy. Talking of exploration, you will have a lot to uncover, both dangers as well as resources lurking in the depths of space. You are presented with a sector based map with as many as 10, 15 or 20 sectors, depending on how much opposition you want per game. With the help of 3CPO as an adviser you might stand a chance, but Rebellion is a hard game. Later 4X games allow a lot more automation freeing you to only play as much as you feel like or want to, but Rebellion will pretty much force you into a lot more management and decision-making. But if you're up for it, the game is really great.

Very accurate game

SW Rebellion is most in depth and accurate SW game I've ever played. The size and scope of the galaxy is portrayed excellently. Time passes perfectly and the number of personnel at your disposal is grand indeed. Just the fact that as Vader you are able to feel the force sensitive characters and train them in the ways of the force provides enough fun to keep me coming back. I've played at least a hundred times and have yet to have a game play out the same way. This goes along ways towards replayability. Whats better than creating massive fleets and dominating the galaxy with an iron fist or freeing it from the oppression of the galactic empire. The in depth fleet battle cube gives you ultimate control over massive battles. Playing Head to Head is the ultimate test of ones strategic and tactical mind. To me this way surpasses any real time strategy game I've ever played. And I've played em all. How can one not download this and grin in amusement at Vader reports "My mission has succeeded"!

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