Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Action 1997 Windows LucasArts Top down Puzzle based

Dearie, dearie me...

Like the similarly poor Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures, this is a ropy little game which falls a long way short of the best Star Wars games, like X-Wing and Dark Forces, and instead stands alongside The Phantom Menace as one of the worst. The gameplay is similar to the Indy Jones game, and sees you in control of Luke Skywalker (not Yoda as you might expect from the title). You'll wander around a few bland environments, seen from an overhead perspective, while solving puzzles, collecting items, defeating bad guys and generally helping out wise old Yoda, with the overall goal of becoming a true Jedi. The tasks here include the likes of rescuing rebel spies, fixing busted water harvesters and taking out Imperial bases, while the puzzles mostly involve finding an object then figuring out where you're supposed to use it. The game takes you to some familiar places from the Star Wars universe, including Dagobah, Hoth and Tatooine, and features some well known characters, but due to the game's rather poor visuals, it's often difficult to be sure. Although this was never intended to be a full on Star Wars release for the hardened fans, and was instead meant to be a simple Minesweeper-style diversion, it still ranks as a pretty terrible game. The very basic visuals are mildly cute at times but are otherwise lacking in much appeal, with simple backdrops and a lack of detail, while sound is equally as uninspiring. The gameplay gets repetitive quickly, and is unlikely to keep anyone hooked for more than twenty minutes, so unless you're really desperate, skip this.

Star Wars For Kids

Yoda Stories is a cute little game that might be suitable for the young ones first getting into video games, and right after they saw the original trilogy. It's a quaint little diversion of a game, finding items and fighting enemies from a top down perspective. It's almost like a very weak clone of the original Legend of Zelda. It's an action oriented game, but not a strong one. It requires more attention than a game of cards, but less attention than an arcade game. The game uses the Star Wars sound font and recreates the look of some areas from the films. You're sent on a quest to go retrieve some vague artifact that the developers just made up. The volume of the game is abnormally loud so be sure to turn it down. I'd recommend it to people in a serious Star Wars withdrawal, or kids. You can change the difficulty level between easy, medium, or hard at any time. To older gamers, it's not a very compelling game to bother with for very long. If you need a quick game to play in a window, to sink an hour or two in at a time, this will fit. It's the type of game that might be more suited to a mobile device.

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