Still Life

Adventure 2005 Windows Microids Crime investigation Action based Action Detective mystery

Great protagonist; amazing detective story

The action in Still Life happens in two temporal planes, a past plane, with fewer bits and pieces and a current day plane, where most of the game takes place. You are a criminalist investigator, a young lady, a very ambitious and smart one, but with a troubled family and life. Plus, the events in the game are kind of scary, but you can deal with that. So, you will be acting as an investigator, scouting for evidence at the crime scenes, using modern technology and also, you know, pushing people's buttons to get that what you want! The interplay between the past and present add a lot to the game, and, well, just expect a lot of beautiful, cinematic and heart exhilarating moments, along with very intellectual, Sherlock Holmesque set pieces. A very particular, modern game, yet delivered traditionally Still Life is. It's without a doubt a must play for police story lovers, or for investigative gameplay ones, or for anyone that likes adventures with a well developed story. The later release, Still Life 2, while good, failed to be as well paced or as immersive as this one. Therefore, even within its own series, Still Life is the top dog. Must play without the slightest hesitation.

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