Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Adventure 2005 Windows Akella Movie style Crime investigation Puzzle

For die hard fans

Law & Order Criminal Intent is based off the hit crime and drama television show "Law & Order". Most people have heard of this show or watched at least a few episodes. The series did split off into other shows under slightly different names and produced a few different game titles for the cult following of fans. This game is based around the graphic adventure genre gameplay; where you are able to walk around, examine items, interact with objects, question witnesses and use your inventory etc. Your inventory includes a Nokia mobile phone which appears to be a heavy product placement advertisement from the company. You can use this mobile phone as your map, so you are constantly referencing it throughout the game. The game is full of glitches and does not always feel smooth. The graphics are not bad however since the game is based off all the actors in the show, many of the characters faces lack any expression or emotion, which gives them a zoned out look. Considering the show and game are meant to be very serious, the glitches and emotionless characters detract from this. The puzzles can also range from very easy to nearly impossibly hard. I would recommend this game only for fans of the show, or fans of the adventure genre, who must try out every adventure game made. If you are a fan of the show also try the other Law & Order games developed Law & Order Dead on the Money, Law & Order Justice is Served and the sequel Law & Order II: Double or Nothing.

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