Blackwell Legacy

Adventure 2006 Windows Wadjet Eye Games Crime investigation Point and click Indie

Uncover the mystery

A modern take on the point-and-click genre, as defined by the likes of Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, this is a solid enough adventure which is sure to appeal to fans of such games. It's got the prerequisite compelling storyline and characters and has enough challenging puzzles to keep you going and it's only really let down by its linearity, some poor visuals, and a general feeling of being rushed. You control Rosa, a freelance writer who just happens to hang out with a ghost and together the two must investigate a mysterious suicide in New York. The game makes use of the Adventure Game Studio engine and is thus designed to be highly accessible and easy to use. The gameplay is mostly focused on the storytelling side of things, with more attention paid to dialogue than puzzles, although you do still have an inventory and must make use of objects that you find along the way. Other than that, it's mostly business as usual although you can influence conversations depending on your choices and the clues that you find to reveal more information. The Blackwell Legacy is for the most part a fascinating adventure. It's clearly about the storyline and this is undeniably well told and satisfying, with some unusual characters and well-written dialogue to enjoy. The game does offer up a strong sense of atmosphere although the lack of detail does let the side down a tad. The voice acting is fine and the game is simplicity itself to navigate so for adventure noobs or veterans alike, this is a solid choice.

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