Streets of Rage

Arcade 1991 Dos SEGA Beat em up Epic Action based Action

Oldies but goldies!

The game takes place in a city in which the level of crimes and criminal activity is very high. But three police officers Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding want to fight against the syndicate of crimes, even if their superiors are afraid of syndicate. Even so, those three officers give up their badges and start on their own the battle against syndicate on the Streets of Rage! The gameplay is quite easy, the moves aren't so complex like in Street Fighter, but still they are amazing to watch. The game has the multiplayer option, so you can fight against the syndicate helped out by a friend and that will bring lots of fun. Enemies are well created. Some are easy to defeat, but others use advanced AI settings and will try to ambush or lure you. There are also weapons in Streets of Rage. You can use bats, beer bottles, knives or pipes. Even if you play on easy mode, this game isn't hard, but will surely be a challenge for you. Another nice thing is the multi-final end. Streets of Rage have about three endings. The music sets the ambience of the game and is club-like music. The boss has his own amazing soundtrack. Streets of Rage was created in 1991, the birth-year of SNES, so SEGA had to keep it up with the graphics. The game has pretty small sprites, but they are well designed and animated. The background looks like New York City. When a wave of enemies comes, they don't come two or three, but seven or eight, without slowdown. So the graphics are well worked. Even it's old, this game still worth a shot, especially for the SEGA fans.

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