Sonic 3D Blast - Flickies' Island

Arcade 1996 Windows SEGA Platformer Epic Action based Action Adventure

A 3d sonic game that fails

"Sonic 3D Blast -Flickies Island" is the title as known in Europe and Australia, and the game is often simply known as "Sonic 3D Blast", in the United States. Sonic 3D Blast Flickies' Island was a sonic game that was so different to all the other sonic games released around it's time, that it was not a typical side scrolling platform game. The game came out on the Genesis (Mega Drive) , Sega Saturn and PC, I have only played the PC game and the Genesis game, so I assume the Sega Saturn game is the same too. The game also has many ports, including XBOX Live, PS3, just to name a few. The game is very similar in design and level layout to Marble Madness on the NES in my opinion, so it is nothing new in gameplay. The biggest problem in this game is the awkward controls and lack of control over Sonic. This can get really frustrating in levels where you have to make precisely timed jumps. The 3d isn't very impressive at all, except for the introduction, which is very appealing. Sadly this game falls short of all the other sonic games released around the time such as Sonic and Knuckles & Sonic CD, but any true sonic fan will probably still enjoy it and still get a kick out of it.

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