Beats of Rage

Action 2004 Windows Dosbox Senile Team Oriental Beat em up

Classic take on much missed genre

The Streets of Rage series is a trilogy of classic scrolling beat 'em ups which has entered the history books for its intense action, stunning soundtracks and sharp visuals. Beats of Rage is a sort of tribute to this classic series and features the same kind of fighting fun, making it ideal for lovers of the genre. There's nothing new or original on display here, and indeed the game was originally based around Streets of Rage 2 but using characters from King of Fighters, but what it does, it does extremely well. There's some kind of excuse for a plot, with the player choosing from a set of characters, each with their own skills and moves, and then simply engaging in brutal combat across a series of scrolling levels against various hilariously named bad guys and facing off against the even tougher bosses. The action never lets up from the start and provides plenty of satisfyingly bone-crunching moments as you engage in the kind of fisticuffs action movie heroes can only dream about. The game takes through a range of well detailed and atmospheric environments, all of which are portrayed in gritty fashion and which really evoke a sense of a city going to hell at the hands of criminal gangs. The sprites are large and chunky and full of personality while the music is wonderfully reminiscent of those Sega classics and which brings back many fond memories. If you love scrolling fighters like Golden Axe or are a fan of SNK's own beat 'em ups, then this is a great play, providing as it does the kind of action that has sadly gone out of fashion in recent years and which is thoroughly deserving of a modern comeback.

Fists of Justice

Beats of rage is a fantastic beat 'em up game for all those Streets of Rage fighting game fanatics. You control up to 3 players, two of those being very cute babes, who have to fight of waves of attacking thugs to get to Mr. Y, the local bad guy. The game is in a 2D environment. Each of the characters has its strengths and weaknesses so you'll have different playing experience depending on which character you chose from. The story is lacking some detail. The only thing we know is that Mr Y. is a bad guy who has created turmoil and crime in the city and our three protagonists can't put up with it, so they go to take matters into their own hands. But for an action game that isn't about the story, it's more than enough to get us into the game. The game has great animation and fantastic visuals as well as great and flexible fighting moves. The soundtrack is also adrenaline inducing and fitting for the game. With great and simple gameplay, outsanding visuals and very very hot characters, everyone will want to play this game on first site.

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