Strip Poker 3

Adult 1991 Dos Artworx Strip Poker Interactive

Get 'em off!

Strip poker games were all the rage in the eighties and nineties, which is a mix of surprising and completely expected. On the one hand, the technology wasn't really there to give gamers a fully realistic experience but on the other hand, those same gamers were precisely the sort of people to whom such dodgy pixelated shenanigans would appeal (and they wouldn't even have to leave their mother's basement to do so). However you look at them though, games like Video Strip Poker are all pretty much alike and offer little real difference in terms of gameplay and Strip Poker 3 continues in that vein. This third entry in the franchise offers you the chance to play against three girls at the same time (they're still very grainy though), and introduced digitized speech to really spice things up (if you needed an extra incentive after those lush VGA graphics). That's about it in terms of innovation though and this is very much a standard slice of strip poker, with the usual array of lovely nineties girls offering themselves up to you (if you can beat them at cards of course). However, even if you discount the game's nature there's no denying that it simply doesn't play a great game of poker, and anyone interested in playing a few good rounds is likely to end up disappointed. The AI just isn't up to scratch, and although this could have been forgiven if the game was up to snuff in the saucy part of its nature, it also falls down here. Ultimately, this just doesn't work as either a poker game or a bit of naughty fun, so it's best just to avoid it.

A nice strip game

If you're in the mood to play Strip Poker with virtual girls, the Strip Poker 3 is your kinda game. There's not much to say when it comes to gameplay. It's just poker: you receive 5 cards, choose wether or not to stay, drop, bet, raise or call, discard cards and try to win money, in this case trying to strip some women (3 to be more precise). The poker game itself is enjoyable, however I still feel that the AI in the game isn't playing fair. It always has better cards than you and the chances of winning are somewhere between 40-45 percent, which is low. I know that you need luck in order to get good cards, however this thing should apply for the AI as well. Other than that, watching the girls naked is the true satisfaction. The pictures of the girls are kinda badly pixelated, however it's a DOS game so don't expect outstanding graphics. Strip Poker 3 is one game if don't have a girl to play strip poker with, however play it at your own risk because your frustation will be sorely tested!

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