Strip Poker

Adult 1985 Dos Dosbox Artworx Strip Poker Arcade style

Bad graphics but still fun

Poker games in general are fun, but other times it might get frustrating and even unfair. Strip Poker games, on other hand, are fun and the idea of having a girl strip is enough motivation for you to keep playing until you win. The first game in the series, Strip Poker is a decent start, but it seemed like some work needed to be done. Luckily, the successors got better and better. The original, however, could have been better but it didn't seemed like it. The thing that ruins the game is none other than graphics. It's so ugly even for DOS standards that you can barely see the girl you are playing against. Luckily, the gameplay isn't that bad, but if you're playing it for the first time, you might get confused. In most poker games, when you want to drop some cards, you usually select the ones you want to keep. Here, it's the complete opposite: you have to select the cards you want to drop. It's not that bad, but if you don't about it, you will definitely get confused. Had the graphics been more colorful a bit more clear, this could have turned out to be a good game. However, the graphics ruin the game, not being to see the girl clearly is quite disappointing.

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