Video Strip Poker

Adult 2002 Windows Strip Poker

Graphically enticing, OK poker sim

If in the later 80s and 90s the strip poker genre only managed to offer pictures, digitized or drawings transposed into the digital format. But, by the beginning of the 00s, video was no longer a remote option only, it was a normal, easy to find amenity on the PC. Thus, a strip poker game sporting videos rather than pictures was in the cards, and Video Strip Poker is a prime example of the genre shift. Also, the game sports a nice recreation of a poker game as well, so it is not solely going to keep you drawn in with its lewd scenes. Overall, the game plays nice, the poker simulation is easy to interact with, it offers you an intuitive, easy to access interface and it doesn't offer you any reason not to try it and play for a long time, as long as you are a fan of the genre. Furthermore, the models poses and their little dances are ok and the digitization is fair in quality. So, sure enough, Video Strip Poker is worth a go, but after a while the lack of a stake will no longer keep you bound to it.

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