Tank Racer

Racing 1999 Windows Grolier Interactive Shoot em up Arcade style

Fun and thrilling racing game

If you want a racing game that is not only thrilling but also fun, then this one is surely for you because it sends out some real laughs. The principle of the game is quite simple and conventional and that is to race on the tracks by choosing one of the four tanks and destroy hurdles via power ups and other options. The four tanks that you can select from have their own distinct attributes like speed, power, better control etc. So you can choose according the attribute which you want. There are 12 championships in which you will compete with your tanks and there are about 22 different tracks. This means that the gameplay is quite diverse. A good amount of creativity has been added to the gameplay by allowing the tank to crush the obstacles like car without having to stop. For using shortcuts, you can demolish the houses. Defense, boost, trap and accelerate are the variety of the power ups that appear on the tracks while you race. The graphics in this action race are very good along with a superb music that drives your senses. The game is very much like the Lego Racers which also has some good action racing.

Impress your sergeant

Tank Racer has a lot of elements that will keep you entertained and have a good laughs as well. Very similar to Lego Racer, the game has the same principle: race around a track with others using a variety of power-ups. Here, you compete in one of 4 tanks for each 12 championships and from what I've heard there are 2 hidden tanks as well. The only differences between the tanks that one is better at handling than the other, another exceeds at acceleration and you get the idea. The gameplay is what steals the show. There is a total of 22 different tracks to choose from. The purpose is, well, to win, however there are a few innovations in the gameplay. For example, cars that stand in your way as obstacles are no longer impassable. Instead, you can run over them, crushing them in the process. Another example is that you can demolish houses in order to find some shortcuts. However, this game would be had it not have power-ups. These power-up aren't that special, they're like in Lego Racers and I have put these power-ups in 4 categories: Offense, Defense, Boost and Traps. However, the way these power-ups appear on the track is cute, dropping down from the sky.

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