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Simple, undemanding but exciting racer

Anyone looking for a simple, slick, arcade-style driving experience will find some entertainment here in Screamer. It might not be as complex or as deep as Gran Turismo, but for a Need For Speed-style piece of sheer, pedal-to-the-metal racing action, it certainly delivers the goods. Screamer offers players six tracks to race on and a handful of cars to get to grips with, each with the option of manual or automatic gears. Game modes include single races, championship and fun extras like cone hitting to add longevity. Races play out in similar fashion to other games like Ridge Racer or Daytona, with players required to hit checkpoints before their time runs out in order to rack up the points. Visually too, Screamer doesn't really do anything particularly different from the aforementioned games, but the tracks are nicely detailed, colourful and pretty varied, with plenty of background eye candy to distract you from the action. Where the game really scores is in its sense of speed and everything rips along at a fair old pace which ensures Screamer lives up to its name and provides an exciting driving experience. The game starts out relatively easy but the AI of your rivals soon ramps up considerably and they prove to be highly aggressive drivers, providing plenty of challenge even for experienced racing fans. Sound too is pretty impressive, with some cool effects that add to the atmosphere. While lacking in customisation and options, Screamer is certainly a fun, albeit simple, racer which provides plenty of exciting driving action.

Arace style racing with smooth gameplay

Well this arcade style and fun racing game is not something that can get 5 stars on any platform, but it's surely has some features which can invite any gamer to play it. Starting with the racing element, the speed of the cars is really quick and the user interface has been designed with simplicity to support an easy game play. The competitive part in the game is that you will always find a time limit even if you are racing in the normal racing mode. Many might not like this feature but the ones who like serious racing will love it. EA's Need for Speed is though far more superior to this game and was released in the same year, but this game still managed to gain a fair bit of users. The choice of cars is quite limited because you can only chose from 6 of them but there are many games that have even less choice. What clicks me the most is the smooth lag free gameplay which makes racing quite exciting. Similarly the music is also very good and thrilling to a racer's liking. Though far better racing games are present in the market, but this game has some really good features which are worth experiencing.

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