Vakantie Racer

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Ok racer with a host of wacky characters

In Vakantie Racer you will pick your pilot from a series of characters, which are depicted as less than serious town folk. You then have the option of racing the remaining ones through city and intercity areas, with cars that look usual for these type of roads. Therefore, you are going to have to do some engaging racing in a medium that is not half bad looking. The cars physics are also well done, with a cool middle of the road feel for their on the road behavior. So, all things considered, this racer, while not the most heart wrenching in terms of the races that you can engage with, has a more relaxing feel to them. You are basically trying to make the most out of the options that you have at your disposal and you don't get too much, in either way. But, that which is on offer is good enough to keep you going and to offer a rather lesser challenge. I advise racer fanatics that want a very tight competition based racer to avoid this game, while those that are ok with a more subdued type racer, will find this one much more favorable to their tastes.

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Not a bad game, similar to other Davilex games released in the late 90s - early 2000s. Simple arcade-style controls, easy to pick up and play but perhaps lacking in longevity. Not very well known outside of The Netherlands, it's worth a look if you like arcade racers, but don't expect too much.

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