TechnoMage: Return of Eternity

Action 2000 Windows Sunflowers Puzzle based Role playing

What an adventure!

If you think of TechnoMage as a sort of junior version of dungeon crawlers like Diablo II or RPGs like Baldur's Gate, and don't go in expecting too much, you might have a good time here. It's something of a hybrid which throws in several different elements from various genres and combines them with a decent premise, but the overall gameplay isn't going to keep hardcore gamers happy, so it's probably best suited for younger players or newcomers to this sort of thing. The story takes place in a fantasy world where one race makes use of technology and the other relies on magic, with neither race trusting the other and relations thus being rather strained. You play Melvin, a young lad who was born to parents of both races, and who is blamed for the sudden appearance of monsters and expelled from his home. What follows is an epic adventure to discover what it is to be a true hero, where you wander around various locations, chatting with people, solving puzzles, performing action-based combat and so on. For junior players, this is certainly a decent introduction to the delights of RPGs and other more complex games, and if you have a younger player in the house, you could do worse than have them try this out. The story should be appealing for such gamers, while the variety of activities is enough to keep them playing for some time. The visuals are packed with personality, with nice environments and characters, with sound to match. Things might be a bit simple for older gamers, but for the target market, this is fine stuff.

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