Throne of Darkness

Action 2001 Windows Sierra On-Line Isometric Role playing Fantasy

Top down action role player; dark and playable

While not a direct copy of Diablo, the similarities between Throne of Darkness and that one are still pretty easy to see. Yet, for all intents and purposes, Throne of Darkness is its own game, pretty well done, with a dark tone and graphical theme. The evil arch nemesis in the game is the demon Zanshin, whose armies need to be taken on and destroyed. From the get-go, the game is fast, it has lots of skirmishes and is pretty much all about the action, from moment one. Still, there is plenty of story, if you want to get through it, but it's not central to your game, to your basic gaming. That is so because, for most of the time you will only use NPCs for (mostly, unfortunately!) nondescript quests, and, when you've accomplished these goals you will find that the other quests are still similar. The other reason to interact with the NPCs, except for fighting, is to buy (but mostly sell) goods. Still, even if you aren't as proficient at buying and selling, the game still offers you enough loot and goods on your trail to keep you going, and most of the better items are found in the world, rather than at the vendors scattered in town. But, for a retro 2D top down slasher, it's a good game, for sure.

Good clone of Diablo

One of many Diablo clones that spawned following its original release. There are couple of things different from diablo for example: you get very interesting twist - you can choose from several charakters obviously with diffrent talents) it alows you to experience game slightly diffrently and makes for interesting tacticacs. Another notable difference is that you get 4 characters to play around with and unless your main hero dies you can continue quite easily.

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