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A funny and immersive cartoon adventure

Discworld is a beautiful adventure game, delivered in beautiful, colorful cartoonish graphics, with a very satisfying and funny, at the same time, story, based around the plot that was central in the novel Guards! Guards! While a game for children, some of the subtext and some of the other tongue in cheek dialogues have a more mature theme about them, and so, for all intents and purposes you will find it to be pretty satisfying even if you're a 20-something or older. The game is also very smart in terms of its puzzles; many of the puzzles revolve around a novel mechanic; you can only carry 2 objects in your inventory; thus, you are less likely to want to try and combine everything with everything, and the puzzles, the point and click ones are a lot more satisfying to play. All in all, Discworld plays well, behaves very satisfyingly and is one of the most beautiful cartoon adventures ever. Play Discworld Noir too, for an even more mature story, and an overall darker, 50s imbibed theme, all in all creating a remarkable game.

A fantastic and hilarious game

Terry Pratchett is hugely famous for its fantastic satirical book series set on the fictional world of Discworld and his books are sold in hundreds of millions. I am so glad that there is also a game set in that universe. You are again acquainted with all those great Discworld characters - Rincewind, Death, the Witches and much more. The plot is as absurd as it can get - you have to find death and convince it to come back to word, just to tell one part of it. The game is as equally hilarious as the books are, any comedy lovers will be thrilled with famous Monty Python Eric Idle voice acting the main character Rincewind. The game looks and sounds absolutely fantastic! The cartoonish animation, the outstandingly beautiful colors, the hilarious dialogs, the great plotline and the fun gameplay, all this makes this game into a beautiful, fun and adventurous game everybody, be they Pratchett fans or not, should play. All possible thumbs up for this fantastic game! And you should definitely check out the sequel of Discworld, Discworld 2.

Brilliant replayability

Played this back in the 90s, the game is known for its replayability. Discworld is brilliant as it relies upon the storyline, humour and gameplay rather than graphics or processing power. Terry Pratchett was closely involved so the humour ranges from highbrow and biting to the style of a carry on film.

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