Action 1997 Windows Eidos First Person Science Fiction

The 3D action is awesome

3D action shooter games with science fiction theme are normally action and fun to play, but this game has to offer you a lot more than that. The plot here is that you will fight the aliens in a futuristic aircraft from a first person perspective .The game is all out shooting action mingled with some very good sequences and a diverse range of levels. You will counter the aliens in different ships on about 20 levels which have their unique set ups and scenarios and are very catchy because of the level designs and the brilliant graphics. The graphics in the game are supported by some very fine animations which makes this game a lot more fun than other conventional shooter games. The variety to explore at every level is also unique and diverse and you will find some very good weapons and a lot of power ups at every level. The difficulty level in the game can also be changed because some of the levels are very tough to counter. The graphical interface in the game is very interactive by all means. You will love the action here because it is presented with some very catchy scenarios. Ares Rising is another recommendation from my side to all action game lovers.

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