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Six degrees of freedom

Now this is a bona fide classic. Descent is the first in a stunning series of 3D shooters that continued with Descent 2 and Descent 3, and which provides heaps of dizzying action in a superb package. if you've played anything like Forsaken, you'll be familiar with the style, but this franchise is the best as far as these things go, so if you have any interest in blasters, you need this. There's a fairly detailed storyline here and which revolves around a futuristic mining company which is having problems with a hacker who has taken over their mining robots on several colonies. You play the part of the mercenary who has been hired to take care of the problem and which basically involves jumping into the cockpit of a dinky little spaceship and blowing the hell out of all the troublesome robots. The difference between this and most other shooters is the intense feeling of claustrophobia which comes from the fact that you're exploring the tight confines of a mine but with the freedom of movement that comes with playing a space flight sim like X-Wing. Descent really is a classic game which holds up well today. It might take some time to get used to things, as it really is quite dizzying stuff, thanks to the absolute sense of freedom on offer here but once you get your head around it, you won't be able to put it down. The action comes at you fast and furious, while the range of weapons is impressive and includes some highly satisfying ones that are a lot of fun to use. Throw in some superb graphics and sound and you have a fantastic experience.

Race the Pyro-GX spaceship! Loads of action awaits!

In Pyro-GX you are an inhabitant of a distant future, a pilot of the trusty Pyro-GX spaceship, that takes quite a while to learn how to control. The ship is all about destruction, but not in some disorganized manner; nope, you receive your orders, your mission, and you have to act fast, you have to follow through. Now, even if you are the pilot of a space ship, the missions per se don't take place in free space; nope, they take place in the dilapidated structures that mankind has left to collapse, tight fitting corridors and metal and crystal structures, where you have to make your way, where the danger of other ships just looking to take you on lurks at every step. But, overall, Descent is fun to play, diverse, combines piloting with a good dose of space shooting and it also has the ability to surprise you at times, as the levels are intricate and can really take a toll on you if you don't concentrate. Weapons wise, you'll get a whole bunch, from the original pea shooters to mines and so on, all of them that are going to take a while to learn to use. It's a great action game, and with the next installment, Descent 2, it gets even better and even more interesting. So, definitely, have a go at it, it won't disappoint.

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