Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

RPG 2000 Windows Interplay Isometric Fantasy Action based

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Too big, too good, too damn little time to play it!

Yap, while the original Baldur's Gate was a big ass game, this second entry in that universe really takes it up a notch, goes ape in regards to size and complexity. Though, also it also smoothes it all up, so that, in terms of actual controls, this one is much less unwieldy than the first game, but nonetheless, it's a game that asks you to be committed. The story picks up with you starting in the south, in the Kingdom of Amn and from there on, from the pampering of opulence it's a world of options to consider. Surely, the game's first few ours are a bit less strenuous then what Baldur the first asked of you, but then it's really up to you how you approach the game, and what it is that you will be doing next. Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows of Amn is thus expansive, that's its main quality and its main underpinning, because, let's face it, if you really want to play this, and, say, you only have about a few hours to do it, a day, you're looking at a few months of play, in it, and I don't know who has that time, anymore, unfortunately. But then again, I'm not gonna start to look at this feature, quantity as if it were a problem for the game, nope, in fact I wished modern day RPGs would pack that kind of value as well, but well, I guess the times have really changed a lot!. Still, if you manage to have the time, just give it a try, see how you feel about it. Besides, look into the revamped versions, the ones that add HD graphics and options to play it on modern day resolutions without any trickery.

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