The Crusade

Strategy 1991 Dos Inland International Historical Medieval Building

Gauntlet like action and strategy blend; alright...

The Crusade is not a very polished or very high quality strategy and action blend, but that doesn't mean it is not fun, or it is not playable. Quite on the contrary, this game is very interesting and exciting to sink into, with the gameplay managing to pop out of the rather poor graphics. The missions are cool; you are a king of a medieval land and you have to retake your castle, as, in your absence, some usurpers have schemed and taken it from you. From there on its mission after mission, and then a slow burn kind of strategy, in which you try to keep your reign as nice as possible, and try to defend your lands. The game however begins to look a little too same-ish after just a few missions, and since the graphics don't really look that good, you'll soon find it quite hard to keep yourself interested in playing it. Sure, it could have been worse, but then again, with a game such as Castles: The Northern Campaigns, to name just a middle ground/quality game, you get a better blend of strategy and tactics. So, have it your own way, but both The Crusade as well as Castles are worth looking into, for sure, even in spite of their issues.

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