Castles: The Northern Campaign

Strategy 1991 Dos Quicksilver Software Isometric Medieval Building

A castle simulator

Castles: The Northern Campaign is the sequel expansion pack for the popular hit game "Castles". If you have not played Castles, it is quite an enjoyable game that reminds me a little of Rampart, in the same sort of graphics, castles. However this is a much more complex castle simulator that could be compared to an earlier version of Sim City. The game keeps you interested, despite it being now such an old game. The game definitely has nostalgia value. You build your castle and hire employee's and it is quite funny watching your employee's work. Despite being a game about being a king this is a god simulator mixed with RPG elements. You have to maintain your castles affairs, deal with other lands and send your armies to war. There are also times where you have to deal with random elements in the game such as fictional fantasy characters, churches, farmers etc. This is quite a fun game and I enjoyed playing it still, however because it is so old, it lacks music or any modern substance. I would recommend giving it a go , because it is still an entertaining game worth playing.

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