Strategy 1999 Windows Sierra Historical Empire management Building

Walk like an Egyptian, build like an Egyptian

It's like playing Civilization, but being oriented exclusively on Egypt. Based on the same enginge as Caesar III, the game's objective is explained in the game title - you have to become a pharaoh of Egypt. You start the game as a simple herder, the head of a small family, and you have to work, expand and build bigger and bigger buildings and communities that will get you a higher and higher rank and eventually make you the famous ruler-god of Egypt. You start from a single familiy, to camps, to smaller cities to bigger cities. The gameplay is very interesting and challenging and there is certainly a lot of work to do. The game is played from an isometric point of view with the visuals worthy of every good strategy game of that time. The panels and controls are also simple enough, and the AI is challenging, and the soundtrack is also very nice. This is a very fun and interesting game and is perfect for strategy lovers with a interest towards old cultures, especially Egyptian ones. Very entertaining and time consuming. Recommended!

The real Egyptian "Civilization" game!

The game is a turn base strategic based upon building majestic Egyptian cities! You are the pharaoh and you can build cities and manage the Egyptian land. There are two modes to play here, one is custom scenario mode and another is the family game. Be ready to be the ultimate Pharaoh!

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