The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki

Action 1994 Dos Merit Studios Shooter First Person

A rather compelling shooter game, like an evolved Doom

When I say evolved Doom what I mainly mean is a kind of shooter game in a minimalist, rather pixelated world, with a set of mouse and WASD controls that are a bit more limited than what we've normally come to expect from a shooter game. In the aspects that are hierarchically higher, you know, the production of the levels, the way the player is challenged and included, no, one could not really say that The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki is at the level that Doom is, but it sure is a well produced game, a well produced experience. So, yeah, that is mostly what you can expect from it, that The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki will kind of tease you a little, will offer you some good shooting, or rather, some alright shooting, from time to time, but will also manage to kind of let you down if you are not totally serious about it. At any rate, The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki works, offers you exactly what you need and has that really not so smart thing about itself, but nonetheless is not an unplayable game. So do give it a try.

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