Catacomb 3D

Action 1992 Dos id Software Shooter First Person

Magic combat in subterranean mazes

Imagine the soon to be released Wolf 3D but instead of guns and Nazis, imagine that the catacombs you'll be roaming though are populated by magic weaponry (spells) and all sort of wizard and common, medieval NPCs. If the idea of underground exploration with these two constants, magic battle and all sort of other creatures spawned from hell entices you, then you can be sure that Catacomb 3D will be a game to your taste. Heck, it could have been an RPG if it wanted, with just a few more options, but I must say, I appreciate it for the direct and sincere way in which it kept the recipe simple and didn't try to bury it under piles of unnecessary content. So, yap, play this first title and then, if you like it also see the other packages that were released. GOG packs a hefty collection of the entire Catacombs games, so be sure to check that out. And, if that won't quench your subterranean crawl want, also see the shooter Blood, much more graphically advanced but also with lots of levels taking place underground and in the dark!

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