Terror of the Catacombs

Action 1993 Dos Froggman Shooter First Person

A Wolf 3D engine shooter with a fantasy theme

Terror of the Catacombs is a shooter game in the same style and graphical presentation as Wolf 3D but instead of, say, reskinning the environment only, this game goes a little further into it, to create its own story, its unique levels and also a few other elements. The shooting however is mostly magic, you'll shoot spells out of your wand, and later on, by finding new spells, your range and your accuracy as well as sheer damage will increase. The game also packs in a few hidden passages and other secrets, just like Wolf did, and so, you have an additional motivation to keep roaming around the game. The enemies are simple bi-dimensional sprites but that is by no means a problem, in fact, in my opinion, it adds to the overall oldschool feel of the game. The game is unfortunately not nearly as diverse in its environments as Wolf used to be. Yes, there are a few tile sets that are used but there is not that same all encompassing vision of level designs, that dominated the Wolf series. If you remember in Wolf the tiling and the layout of the levels was used for navigation purposes as well, something that Terror of the Catacombs doesn't do nearly as well as it. But it sure is fun for as long as ti lasts, because getting lost or bored will at one time set in. So, what can I say, give it a shot, but don't expect a revelation.

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