Total War II

Strategy 2002 Windows INtex Publishing & Co. KG Historical Real time Isometric

War is hell

Not to be confused with the Total War series of real-time strategy games, this is actually an unofficial add-on pack for a different RTS, Sudden Strike. This one is very similar to the base game which is actually a pretty decent slice of World War II wargaming so if you have played that and enjoyed it then this gives you more of the same and is well worth a look. If you're not familiar with the original, it's essentially a very tactical take on the historical RTS genre and which gives you one of three nations to control over the course of some extensive campaigns and which features a lot of nice details which add to the strategic depth of the game. This expansion pack offers up a lot more variety in terms of missions and maps by allowing you to play through various periods of the conflict that weren't available in the base game. You've basically got 23 new maps and 24 new missions to try your hand at and which are perhaps even more challenging than the original, making this a good choice for veterans seeking a whole new level of difficulty. This is obviously not likely to appeal to those who have no experience of Sudden Strike but for anyone who is looking to expand the lifespan of that game, then this is going to give you exactly what you want. There's obviously no real difference in terms of gameplay, visuals or interface, which are all pretty well done, but the maps themselves are nicely designed and varied while the overall challenge level is high enough to keep your interest, thus making this a solid expansion pack.

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