War Wind II

Strategy 1997 Windows Mindscape Fantasy Real time

Sequel to War Wind; graphically superior and very atmospheric

War Wind II: Human Onslaught is a strategy game, top down, very engaging, and, for a strategy production, a pretty atmospheric build that really will give you pause; it has very beautiful animations that tell the story, with exquisite Sci Fi built themes; it's got, thus, that very beautiful, unexpected retro feel, that isn't very easy to find in this kind of game, especially in those kind of old strategies. You play with two races, the Yavaun and the humans. There is an invasion going on, and the humans, in this game are the baddies. The strategy is classic, with building of bases, and with a cool and interesting balance of the fighting units. So, overall, for those that like classic strategies War Wind II: Human Onslaught is pretty nice, has something unique, though it's tributary to games of the genre, to a good amount. Plus, the actual gameplay graphics still keep some of the videos' feel, so, if you feel like atmospheric and dark is the kind of strategy you'd go for, War Wind II: Human Onslaught will surely offer you a great deal. Similarly, download Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, oldie Warhammer strategy, and a very good and atmospheric one too.

To conquer the foreign world or go home in peace?

War Wind II is a fantastic sequel to the already great real time strategy War Wind and has everything the last game had and more. In this game, humans are deserted on a hostile planet of Yavaun. They are divided into two factions - the Marines whose goal is to conquer the other races and rule Yavaun and the Descendants who seek to return to Earth. The plot varies depending on which faction you choose to play. What's new with this game is that the graphics are even more better than before and you have a nice sense of continuity from the last game, plot wise. New units are added to the battle formation - two-headed giants, too keep the game new and not just a re-relase of the same game. The game is still as good as the last one - better even, with dynamic battles, fantastic plot, beautiful graphics with exquisite detal, all that with new music which is very beautiful and fitting for this game. You should definitely try our War Winds II, but if you want to be better informed with the story line, maybe you should try the original first. This game is truly a gem and it's a pity that it has been overlooked in the past. Now is the time to remedy that injustice.

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