Medieval: Total War

Strategy 2002 Windows 1C Company Historical Real time

Chivalry is the way

As every aspiring pc-general i couldn't wait to get my hands on Medieval: Total War. Having played Shogun: Total War, i expected a much more thought-of and polished game. And, Creative Assembly, once more delivered. As it's prequel, Medieval allows you to rule over a nation and fight your way through to becoming a supreme ruler of the world. Well, ruler of the map. With its dual play system utilizing a strategic 2d map where all the decisions are made, and stunning 3d battlefields you're in for hours of immersive gameplay. Choose one of many different middle age kingdoms, caliphates, or even empires and conquer your neighbors. Comparing to Shogun, there are many novelty's, for example the religion factor, which now plays significant role in empire management. There are many new buildings and upgrades available, that can help you in developing your thriving empire. You will also find new utility units such as spies, priests, princesses etc., that make already engaging strategy even more challenging. You will sweat your brain out, literally, trying to master this game, but it is a rewarding experience. The feeling of pride when you confront your 10 000 men army to an equally numerous foe and come out victorious is overwhelming, to say the least. Excellent sound and music also add up to great gameplay. Don't miss this one, you'll regret it if you do.

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